Asda is preparing to unveil the results of an extensive wine range review this winter - including a "Try Before You Buy" promotion.

The retailer will offer consumers the chance to buy a single-serve sized bottle of wine to try, which if they like they can exchange for a full-sized version for no extra cost.

Asda said it hoped the scheme would encourage consumers to experiment with new varietals and blends of wine and to trade up within the category.

So far only two brands have confirmed they are to take part in the promotion, Jacob's Creek and Campo Viejo - both of which are owned by Pernod Ricard.

"We are happy to support any activity which encourages new trial with our wine ranges and that educates consumers about the category," said Pernod Ricard wine development director Adrian Atkinson.

The promotion is set to hit stores in the run-up to Christmas.

There would be a full consumer marketing campaign to highlight the promotion, Asda confirmed.

Asda also said it would be encouraging sales by the case as part of the revamp, offering mixed cases in the same way as Majestic Wine Warehouses, although the retailer couldn't yet confirm if the offer would run across brands.

Waitrose and Tesco have also completed extensive reviews of their wine aisles this year.

Waitrose announced a new own-label range last month, comprising ten wines from classic wine regions, rsp £6.99 to £14.99. It doubled its range of English wines in May following a 40% increase in sales of English wine.

In August Tesco unveiled the results of the largest review of its wine category to date, including what it claimed was the largest selection of rosé in the UK and 24 new wines under the Finest brand.

The change was made in response to consumer drinking trends, said wine category manager Jason Godley.