Asda launches its instore plasma screen trial on Monday (September 6) in its Wembley and York stores.
The retailer, which is following in the footsteps of Tesco and Spar, is testing different screen positions and creative executions over the six-month trial. In York, the screens are being placed in the Action Alley and George clothing sections of the store while in Wembley they will be in different aisles as well as in the George area.
Suppliers involved in the test are paying around £55,000 for the full trial period. They will have access to all final research, being conducted independently by RMS and overseen by industry association POPAI. They will also have preferential rates if the project is rolled out.
Each supplier has category exclusivity. They include Coca-Cola in soft drinks, Nestlé in cereals, confectionery and hot beverages and P& G in baby, laundry and skincare. Asda will also play corporate messages.
The trial is being run by Market Forward, part of media agency Publicis which manages Asda’s media centre.
Tesco, which is rolling out instore digital advertising to 300 stores, has a rate card of £20,000-£40,000 per aisle for a two-week period while Spar charges £6,000-£7,000 for three weeks.
Siân Harrington