Asda has shrugged off criticism over the level of pay given to Indian workers that make its George at Asda clothing range.

The supermarket said a new report by ActionAid criticising the wages paid did not reflect the work the retailer had done to improve conditions for workers.

“This report doesn't do justice to all the work we've been doing behind the scenes, nor the positive conversations we've been having with Action Aid – the most recent of which was less than two weeks ago,” a spokeswoman for Asda said.

“We're a little surprised therefore that they've chosen to single us out for criticism.”

ActionAid claimed in its report ‘Asda: Poverty Guaranteed’ that Asda could double the wages of the workers in India by charging just 2p more for a £4 T-shirt.

But Asda defended its track record on workers’ pay and said “actions, not words” were needed to alleviate poverty.

“Experts know the situation of workers in the Asian sub-continent is served best by intelligent action that improves factory conditions in a structured and sustainable way,” Asda said.

“The measures we've put in place in Bangladesh are already leading to improved working conditions, fewer working hours and most importantly a more highly skilled workforce that's able to earn higher wages.”

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