Asda shopper cereal basket

Source: Asda

Asda has announced a further £23m of price cuts, involving reductions to more than 400 branded and own-label products.

The supermarket said the investment was part of its continued support for families impacted by the cost of living crisis.

The move will lower prices by an average of 11% on what Asda said were a selection of some of the most popular products bought by customers each week, including nappies, infant follow-on milk, bread, cheese, cereals, pasta, fish fingers, sausages and chicken breasts.

The reductions follow a £13m investment last month to cut prices on more than 200 own-label products by an average of 9%.

Asda’s latest Tracker shows family budgets remain under pressure from rising living costs despite inflation rates easing last month.

It said family disposable incomes remain much lower than before the cost of living crisis – down by over £100 per month for the average household compared to July 2021.

“While the headline inflation rate may have eased slightly last month, our own data tells us many customers are continuing to struggle with rising living costs,” said Asda chief commercial officer Kris Comerford.

“We have targeted this latest price investment on the products our customers buy week-in week-out, to help their shopping budgets stretch further. We’re also continuing to work closely with our suppliers and whenever there is an opportunity to pass on commodity price savings to customers we will do so.”