A new spherical snack is planning to do for cereal bars what the Aussie cricket team has done to the Poms.

Bounce Balls, which are already a bestseller in Australian health stores, are sugar-free, don't contain artificial additives or preservatives and include health-giving ingredients such as Omega-3 and superfoods such as spirulina.

The premium snack range includes Cashew & Pecan, Fudgie Walnut, Almond, Spirulina & Ginseng and Premium Protein. They retail for between £1.40 and £1.60.

Matt Giles, MD of Bounce Snack Foods UK, said the product was the first of its kind in the UK. "They are just as suitable for performance athletes or gym-goers looking for a nutritional energy boost before, during or after sport as they are for busy office workers who want to ward off a mid-morning hunger pang or an afternoon slump without a sugar-rush or piling on the pounds."

The balls have already won listings in stores including Waitrose and Fresh & Wild.