Source: Earth & Wheat

Earth & Wheat: “ready for the next stage of its growth plan”

Earth & Wheat, the ‘wonky’ bread delivery service started by a 20-year-old baker, is expanding.

The brand – which is the brainchild of James Eid, a fourth-generation baker at Signature Flatbreads – is looking to sign up independent bakeries across the UK in a bid to “turn their food waste into profit and help save the planet”.

Having established a customer base redistributing surplus bread from Signature Flatbreads’ bakeries, Earth & Wheat was “ready for the next stage of its growth plan” after processing over 10,000 orders in the past 12 weeks alone.

It was “looking to partner with environmentally conscious bakeries who are interested in reducing their food waste and turning that loss into profit” said Eid.

“We’ve invested in software with integrated logistics which provides a streamlined and efficient way to rescue bread from bakeries all over the UK, delivering to our Earth & Wheat loyal community.

“One of the biggest concerns for bakeries is food waste, and the figures we see are eyewatering. Many companies have to report what they’re doing to help fight climate change and being part of Earth & Wheat would be a great thing to highlight in their reports.”

Partnering with different bakeries would allow Earth & Wheat to further expand its range of breads, it added.

Earth & Wheat’s boxes are delivered weekly, fortnightly, every three weeks or monthly, with the brand donating a meal to UK food banks for each box sold.