Warburtons has teamed up with the Canadian International Grains Institute on a project to increase the use of pulse flours by the food industry.

Funded primarily by C$1.8m (£1.1m) from the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers trade body, the three-year research initiative intends to explore the development of pulse-based bakery products that meet specific health and nutrition targets, and create a ‘pulse database’ summarising new and existing information on the compositional, functional and flavour properties of pulses.

It will also look into the effect of bread starters on the functionality and end product quality of doughs containing pulse flours, and all findings will be shared with pulse breeders, seed companies, growers, pulse processors, and other interested parties in the food industry.

Having previously undertaken preliminary research with CIGI, Warburtons – which is contributing C$680,000 (£407,400) of in-kind support as well as funds for a fermentation tank – believes the use of pulse flours can lead to products higher in protein and fibre, and lower in gluten and carbohydrates.  

The new project “underlines the increasing popularity of new and innovative bakery products and is testament to Warburtons’ commitment to future growth through diversification and innovation” said the brand’s Canadian programme manager Adam Dyck.

CIGI CEO JoAnne Buth added: “By working with Warburtons as a commercial partner on this project, there is a direct link to an end customer. It signifies the potential of pulses to the food industry as ingredients with nutritional benefits that can contribute to the improved health and wellbeing of consumers.”