Tangerine confectionery is relaunching its sugar confectionery range - including lines such as Wham and Sherbet Dip Dab - under a new umbrella brand.

The company has dropped the classic Barratt name from the packaging of products such as Sherbet Fountain and Refreshers and replaced it with the new Candyland branding.

In the first phase of the relaunch, it will segment 44 Tangerine products under Candyland ‘territories’, which have distinct pack designs. The Candyland logo features an airship to reflect the idea of travelling between the territories, which include Fizzington Falls (sherbet products), Artisan Quarter (Henry Goode’s products), and Olde Town (traditional sweets).

The revamp also introduces new products including a range of two-for-£1 70g bagged products (rsp: 65p). Tangerine is rolling out mini versions of classic sweets such as jelly babies and is introducing a new recipe for cola bottles to give them a liquid centre.

Products and branded PoS material have started rolling out to the impulse and wholesale channels this week, with distribution to be extended to the grocers from next month.

Tangerine said the initial phase included its best-selling products, adding that it would review its other lines before deciding whether to include, change or discontinue them. “We have invested in extensive consumer research to discover the best route to rationalise our sugar confectionery portfolio,” said Tangerine marketing head Melissa Wilson.

The heritage of brands such as Sherbet Dip Dab and Wham would not be lost, she said, adding that Tangerine did not plan to axe the Barratt name altogether. “However, we found it was the products in the Barratt portfolio, as opposed to the brand, that consumers held nostalgic connotations with,” she said.