Producer: Dewlay Cheesemakers
Launched: 2003
Region: Lancashire

What’s your story? “Lancashire Cheese has been made for hundreds of years, but in the latter part of the 20th century more and more cheese was being produced under the name Lancashire by large dairies outside of Lancashire,” says third-generation owner Richard Kenyon (pictured). “So in 2003, the Lancashire Cheesemakers Association applied for the PDO accreditation - as a result, it’s a relatively new cheese under this name; it’s better known to most Lancastrians simply as Creamy Lancashire.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire cheese is one of only a handful of UK cheeses with PDO accreditation and has a true provenance stretching back hundreds of years to a time, when there were a large number of Lancashire cheesemakers in the county. It’s also different to most other cheeses in that it is made over at least two days before being matured for up to six months.”

The Grocer says: We loved Dewlay’s creamy Traditional Lancashire and couldn’t quite believe this PDO-protected gem hasn’t received wider recognition to date. A brilliantly versatile cheese with character and a strong local history - a real cracker.