Three farm coops with production potential of 60-70,000 lambs and 6,000 beef cattle a year have come together to form South West Quality Meat. "There is no doubt that supermarkets are looking towards regional products and we felt that Devon and Cornwall had a strong, positive image to offer," said SWQM marketing manager Clare Parnell. "This is demonstrated particularly by the many thousands of visitors we have each year. They are always looking for local produce both to try here and to take home." With the help of a EU grant, Bodmin Moor Farmers Club, Cornwall Quality Livestock Producers and Wessex Quality Meat were able to get together to create SWQM and create the Devon Supreme brand as well as expanding the Cornish King vegetable and potato brand to include beef and lamb. To qualify for the brand, beef cattle have to be sired by a beef breed to be born in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset, produced under a farm assurance scheme, and finished in the area. Lambs have to born and finished in Cornwall. Beef is hung for 14 days days and lamb for seven. {{MEAT }}