Confectionery manufacturer Bendicks of Mayfair has revealed it is throwing £5m behind the new toffee extension to its Werther's Original brand. The giant spend includes two 20-second TV commercials for Werther's Original Chewy Toffees, the first of which hits screens on Monday (October 1). Bendicks, which is the UK subsidiary of German confectioner Storck, said the ads will be shown on ITV, Channels 4 and 5 and also on satellite channels. Both ads feature consumers enjoying the sweets, which are rolling out to retailers now and cost 30p for a stick pack and 89p for a hanging bag. The strapline reiterates the brand's existing message that its sweets are "uncommonly good" in both hard candy and toffee varieties. Clare Davidson, the company's marketing manager, said the ads were intended to "fuel" consumer trial of toffees, broaden the £25m brand's target market and hike sales. "We estimate this will drive the total Werther's Original brand to over £40m," she added. {{P&P }}