Expert's verdict...5/25

?This range consists of oven-baked vegetables and stir-fry fish and vegetable dishes. The instructions suggested using a tablespoon of olive oil to cook the Sicilian Fish Fillets with Roasted Vegetables. The result was an oily mush of vegetables, overpowered by the flavour of baked peppers. One of the fish fillets was white and firm, the other grey and soft. Both tasted bland. The Roasted Vegetables Provencale was oily and soft, with the flavour again overpowered by the baked peppers. Overall, I was very disappointed.

Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

Consumer's verdict...25/25

?Launched under the popular Birds Eye banner, my expectations were high even before I tasted this range. I eat a fair number of frozen offerings, but have only a limited choice when it comes to products that deliver on taste. With Mediterraneo, I now have one more range to choose from. Overall the products were delicious and delivered on both taste and convenience. My favourite was the Roasted Vegetable Provencale - a mix of aubergines, courgettes, peppers, red onions and potatoes.

Melanie Melander, receptionist, Leeds

Overall verdict...30/50


Company: Freixenet

Launch Price: £7.99-£8.99

Today's Price: £7.99-£8.99

Acid test verdict: 37/50

Oroya was all set to hit shelves this time last year. However, Freixenet halted the launch at the last minute. The company decided to hold off until its test market research had been completed and the new vintage was available. The newcomer, developed by a Japanese ­winemaker using Spanish grapes, blended to complement sushi, is due to be introduced to the UK this month. With the growing popularity of sushi, the wine is likely to do well - although the Japanese delicacy is a lunchtime favourite, when most stay off the booze.