Birds Eye is rolling out a health and sustainability programme to drive supply chain efficiencies and educate shoppers about the benefits of frozen food.

Forever Food is a five-year plan that will encompass all of Birds Eye's existing sustainability commitments, such as reducing packaging by 15% by 2012 and sourcing 100% of its fish from sustainable certified fisheries by 2012.

The initiative will also encourage Birds Eye staff and suppliers to be eco-friendly and show consumers how buying frozen food can minimise their impact on resources.

A key part of Forever Food will be the appointment of a healthy-eating spokesperson and the development of a nutrition management programme.

"By engaging our people, industry colleagues, suppliers and consumers, we aim to bring them with us on the journey to understand and find solutions to the challenges we all face, in ­order that we have quality and responsibly sourced food to eat forever," said Martin Glenn, chief executive of Birds Eye Iglo Group.

Forever Food would seek to show shoppers how they can make a difference to sustainable development, added Peter Hajipieris, the company's chief technical sustainability and external affairs officer. "The UK ­consumer does care but, through the recession, they care about price and the product tasting right first and expect us to do the worrying for them."

Ongoing marketing ­activity to push the programme is due to start later this month. A Forever Food logo and information about the scheme will appear on some Birds Eye packs. A micro-site will also be launched and linked to the main Birds Eye website to give further information.

Forever Food will be monitored by a steering committee made up of key Birds Eye figures, NGO representatives, farmers and industry experts. Birds Eye has said it will issue an annual report of the committee's findings.

"This is not a campaign, it's mainstream, it's part of Birds Eye it's not going to go away," added Hajipieris.