Interbrew is throwing its weight into the take-home ale market with a draught barrel version of Boddingtons.

Rosie Davenport

Designed to give consumers the experience of pulling a pub-style pint at home, the brewer
claims the innovation will have the same impact on the sector as the widget had in the 1990s.
The barrel concept is nothing new to Interbrew. It launched Stella Artois in the same format last year. Like its lager counterpart, the five-litre Boddingtons Draught Barrel needs to be chilled for 12 hours before use and stays fresh in the fridge for 28 days after opening.
Jo Gourley, senior brand manager for Boddingtons at Interbrew UK, said: “Boddingtons Draught Barrel will help overcome a major barrier to ale’s take-home growth.
“The potential of the ale category is being held back because a high proportion of pub drinkers will not consume it at home because they rate the pub experience as superior.”
Priced at £13.99, the barrel will launch into Morrisons, the Co-operative Group, Thresher and Makro next month and will be supported by PoS to educate consumers about how to use it.
Buyers have welcomed the concept and have credited Interbrew with kick-starting a new focus of innovation for beer which other brewers are keen to break into.
David Smith, beer buyer at Booths Supermarkets in Lancashire, said: “We’re in Boddingtons’ heartland and although the brand is declining nationally we still do well with it. So far the Stella barrel has been a success and we would be interested in this new product.
“Other brewers are watching the market place to see how Boddingtons’ barrel performs and a number are currently looking at similar ideas.”