Actress Amy Sedaris is fairly well known in the US, but bemused Brits might be hard pressed to recognise her from relatively minor roles in Elf or The Good Wife.

Still, here she is, plugging Lenor. The reason, of course, is that she does the ads for its US equivalent, Downy, and brand owner P&G is cannily making the most of her. She’s billed as a ‘laundry expert,’ and gaily advises us to add Lenor Unstoppables to our “laundry routine” without pausing to consider the grey reality of that phrase.

She’s like a glamorous, fun auntie, amused yet sincerely excited by the “feisty little scent boosters” that render the wearer of the washed clothing “unstinkable.” This is camp, clean fun - maybe Amy deserves some bigger acting roles.