curry top trumps

Hooray, it’s National Curry Week! And what better way to celebrate than with a fun game of Curry Top Trumps? Apart from going out for a curry, I mean. Obviously.

A pack of 30 cards arrived at Grocer HQ this week, severely disrupting productivity as we argued about the relative merits of jalfrezi, makhani and bhuna. The game divides component parts of the nation’s favourite cuisine – curries (obvs), sides and drinks – into four categories: calories per serving, popularity, spice factor and a murkily defined Top Trumps Rating.

While the DH is likely to approve of the first category, and ‘spice factor’ is hard to argue against, the other two divisions proved more contentious. Popularity was determined by game sponsor Kingfisher’s ‘extensive consumer research’, which gave a full 10 points to… Kingfisher Beer! The lager also suspiciously secured a 100/100 Top Trumps Rating, outscoring heavy hitters chicken madras and pork vindaloo. At least it was gracious enough not to include a rival beer and give it really bad ratings.

The popularity contest also reveals that Brits prefer milder dishes, with calorific curries like korma and tikka masala our faves. Maybe Top Trumps can change all that.