Lynx users live in a world where every woman is a model-in-waiting desperate to tear off her clothes. That may be a side-effect of using aerosols in a confined space, but you have to admire Unilever for its bold vision.

Lynx Attract vows, in typically understated fashion, that ‘Nothing will ever be the same again’, not now it’s realised that girls smell too. ‘Unleash the chaos’ is the theme. Rain will go up. Cats will chase dogs. Arsenal will robustly defend set-pieces when 1-0 up.

But there are some aspects of existence that can’t be altered even by the genesis of Lynx Pour La Minx. There will still be sexy female police officers. They will glow, not sweat, when they chase down hunky bank robbers. And they will still want to rip off their own clothes.