You can take the news that two out of three shoppers are baffled by bogofs in two ways. Despair at the ingrained stupidity of the Great British public, or joy at the opportunity that incomprehension presents to the creative marketer.

Yes! Dim people buy more product. That’s been the guiding principle of food PR “for as long as the gullible have has disposable income”, according to Karoline (with a K). And it explains some of our notable campaign successes.

Who’d have thought that ‘Eat Lard, Get Slim’ would have passed into the language as a way of saying that something’s too good to be true? Only after lard sales rose by 300% though. Or that our ‘Eat Less Meat And Save The Planet’ campaign would be so roundly endorsed by MPs - who really ought to know better than to get involved - this week?

Not that we shamelessly switch sides at a moment’s notice. We do have some principles according to K chief among which is allowing a gap of a week or two between opposing campaigns. Still, we’re never going to get caught trying to pay for favours in Parliament. None of our clients trust us with £12k a month for anything, let alone frittering it away on getting some old Lord Fart to ask questions about Fiji. (I’ve still bought a new bikini though, in the hope that I get to work on the Fiji account if it ever does come our way).

All of which pales into insignificance with the arrival into the public arena of Professor Horsemeat, who sounds like a novelty blues singer, but is in fact going to tell us what’s wrong with the supply chain. Bolt? Stable? Door? Literally?