ad of the week jacobs creek

Pernod Ricard is desperately attempting to put value back into Aussie wine with this ad for Jacob’s Creek. And it’s doing so by reminding us – quite intently – that it’s ‘Made in Australia’.

The Jacob’s Creek story here is a gritty one. The winemakers are almost all blokes (grizzled and/or burly), shown getting up early, inexplicably crushing entire bunches of grapes in their fists, or weathering rainstorms. All the while, a gravelly voiceover goes on about “mud and grit,” and how Jacob’s Creek is “birthed from the land”. 

It’s a smart enough way of differentiating Australian wine from la-di-da European produce, but it’s also faintly preposterous. And will such a macho approach resonate with female drinkers? Don’t count on it.