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It’s a victory for the little guy. Our super-complaint (and it really is an absolutely super complaint) against the malicious confidence tricksters who masquerade as grocers while their true warped trade deals in lies and deceit, etc etc, has now won the backing of more than one in a thousand angry UK consumers.

And oh boy, are they angry. We at Which? are angry, too. Really angry, almost all the time. Because unlike we, who are good, and consumers, who are unfortunately not always that bright and mostly can’t count, the supermarkets are simply b*stards.

Believe it or not, we good people at Which? have found out that many players in the retail industry think that it’s perfectly OK to make a profit at the expense of customers. Yep, they sell things for more than they pay for them! Not only that, they think that when the stuff they sell costs them more to buy it’s “perfectly OK” to increase prices.

They all shout loud enough when they cut prices, yeah? But when did you last get a flyer pointing out all the prices that are higher? Never, that’s when. Crooks.

Sadly, consumers aren’t quite sharp enough to notice this, which is why they are also happy to give us money to be on the radio and telly all the time. Last year they were so grateful they gave us £95m, which sounds like a lot until you realise we ploughed almost one pound in nine right back into being angry at things like supermarkets, the rest mostly going on our 661 employees and stuff.

Did I mention that Which? was a charity? There’s no question mark over that, considering how good we are. It also helps out a bit with the ol’ tax bill.

Bill Tush