Those producer and manufacturer millions spent by the Organic Trade Board, which sounds all official but is only really a promotional front dreamt up by a PR agency (we should know: P&F created NICE, the National Institute for Cheesecake Excellence) have paid stunning dividends.

Of course, the success or failure of most PR depends on how you present the results to the client, but a massive drop in shoppers who think that organic food is expensive is surely a cause for celebration.

Yes, only 80% of consumers now believe organic stuff to be a bit pricey, which is clearly only a tiny proportion and will do nothing to hold back the rising tide of organic sales, which have leapt ahead of the market by a massive 0.7% after only four years of decline. Feel free to quote all of this when people ask whether PR ever gets results. Just don’t ask about cheesecake sales.

The truth can be a slippery concept in grocery. So good to see Premier Foods accurately stating that “ethical issues are taking centre stage for businesses” as it “strives to make a difference to the local communities in which we operate.” Apparently we lost out on an Atora suet pitch 20 years ago and K has been cursing Premier ever since. Her client voodoo routine may have finally come to fruition this week.

The spin cycle will be up to full speed and Premier will presumably be paying crisis rates (+100% and “whatever you can get away with on top” according to Karoline (with a K)). All good reason for PRs to enjoy what a Waitrose survey has revealed is the nation’s top festive tipple - red wine and Baileys. A challenging combination but, after enough, strangely addictive.