News that an enormous temporary prison is to be set up in London for the duration of the Olympics has sent shivers down the (admittedly weak) spines of marketing folk. Especially given it has a PR wing, albeit with Wi-Fi access and iPad docking stations, though shamefully no delivery service.

It means the authorities are clearly getting tough on Olympic transgressors. We have had it repeatedly drummed into us at P&F that we can’t mention Olympics, London or 2012 in the same sentence, or even on the same day, when promoting our non-sponsoring clients (ie all of them).

To get round this, we have named our junior exec Anastasia (Nervosa) as Compliance Officer, so that when we ‘push the boundaries’ a little, it will be she who gets to see the inside of HMP Stratford for the duration of the games. We haven’t told her yet.

Look forward then to our 20:12 promotion at 12 minutes past eight each evening on Olympic Radio; our ‘Going For Gold’ Limb Pick competition, where you have to identify which leg belongs to which athlete (most of them are Jessica Ennis’s, but that’s because Terry from the postroom got his hands on the artwork); and the Whole Imp Eek dwarf-throwing event, which we have lined up to support rugby’s inclusion in the 2016 games.

Still, Anastasia won’t be alone. As well as all the staff from other agencies who are going to get it so badly wrong, there’s a whole floor at the prison reserved for anyone involved in Cadbury’s Spots v Stripes campaign. Not because it breaks any rules, just because it’s so lame.

Meanwhile, back to a rather more important contest. There was something odd about the photo of Jim McCarthy from Poundland receiving The Grocer Cup trophy last week. Surely he should have had a slightly smaller version?