Pablo bun

There’s nothing like a TV tie-in to gain publicity - but, if you’re a fashionable London ramen bar, you need it to be a bit edgy in order to stay cool.

Fashionable London ramen bar Tang has come up with a bespoke steamed bun that bears the likeness of drug smuggler Pablo Escobar - whose story is told on Narcos, shortly to return to Netflix. When customers order a ‘Pablo Esco-bun’ they even get free Coke - a can of the liquid variety, in this case.

“Our buns lead the way for authentic taste, so when we were looking for famous faces to feature there was no one more timely than the notorious Pablo Escobar,” said Tang’s head chef, Chen Ng, non-sequitur-ly.

Our PM and opposition leader each get a Tang bun, too: the ‘Jeremy Cor-bun’ and the, er, one with some Theresa ‘May-onnaise’ in it. Tang is after new #punbuns ideas on Twitter. Give them the help they need!