Brands go to great lengths to ‘visualise’ flavours, from M&S’s oozy close-ups to that Boursin ad where a man likens eating some cheese to rising from the ocean and flying, like the SHIELD Helicarrier.

So props to Starburst for finding a base that hasn’t been covered. In this fun ad, two fellas wonder how the sweets get their flavour. And? It’s imported “intense juiciness from the Land of Intensity,” of course!

We then see the juice, packed in metal drums, being amusingly flung around a warehouse by a musclebound, wig-sporting workforce, who shout at each other. A lot.

Incidentally, it’s refreshing to see a confectionery brand not fudging a Health claim. Mind you, perhaps ‘real fruit juice’ doesn’t carry the weight it once did.