And so there we were, the whole agency (where do all those interns usually hide?), standing in the autumn sunshine in heavy brown make-up and fancy dress.

(Even our token boy exec Torquil joined in. Actually, he was first to get his hands on the Leichner Coffee Brown pan stick. Suggests a worrying interest in ‘amateur dramatics’ to me.) We were there to be photographed “celebrating” (ie exploiting) the Indian summer with one of our client’s difficult-to-shift barbecue pork ranges.

Karoline (with a K) had taken the weather as a literal cue and was wearing an enormous bejewelled sari, her gold toe rings flashing in the sunshine. Indeed, we were all clad in something of the Orient, except for Anastasia (Nervosa), our junior, who had come in a gigantic feathered head dress. Wrong Indian.

Incredibly, it took Terry from the post room, not normally a beacon of political correctness, to wonder out loud whether or not this was all perhaps a tiny bit racist. Just after the photos were completed. There is now a frantic effort going on to suppress the results of what has become known as The Brown & White Minstrel Show.

Inappropriate on so many levels and all too depressing, but as newspaper readers this week will know, help is at hand in a cup of coffee. To be exact, five cups a day, which will relieve depression (according to the Telegraph but apparently only three if you’re a plebby Mirror reader maybe lefties don’t get as sad.)

The media’s insatiable appetite for any story featuring the health positives or negatives of coffee, chocolate or alcohol continues unabashed. I think I’ll skip the coffee and go straight to the booze. Kandypants, the late-night club for PR folk, has reopened in post-recession guise. Prosecco instead of Bolly, but the gossip’s still as good.

Will reveal all next week.