Although, as regular readers will know, Daddy believes The Co-op is run by the sort of people who used to sell the Socialist Worker in Kensington High Street, I have a soft spot for their amusing attempts at trying to be proper retailers. Their latest nonsense is the trendy but silly idea of creating a brand that sounds like part of a sentence. So ‘Loved By Us’ (easily misread as ‘Loved By US’ and thus suggesting an unlikely flirtation for the Spartists with the home of free enterprise) is born.

We are bitter because our suggestion for their own label, Worthy But Dull, while obviously true to brand values and the customer base, was cruelly rejected during the pitch. In fact, we were asked to leave before we even got to the budget (it usually happens just afterwards).

Still, the Co-op’s move is not as weird as the easyFoodstore, a concept as unlikely to succeed as, well, most other easyEnterprises. Karoline (with a K) was so dismayed by the idea of a sub-Lidl concept coming to Croydon (town of her birth, never previously admitted, hence no blue plaque), that she offered the council a PR-led regeneration campaign. The slogan she proposed is ‘Croydon, For Winners As Well’. Fortunately the ‘As Losers’ got left off the end of the email, but even so, they still haven’t replied.

My fears last week that men are getting stinkier has been borne out by research (not mine, fortunately), suggesting even two minutes with a damp flannel is too much for many of today’s males. Targeting something as sophisticated as a yoghurt at this lot seems the height of folly. However, we haven’t been asked to pitch for Powerful yet, so I will change my mind if the call comes.