The days are largely gone when supermarkets filled shoppers’ ears with jazz-muzak covers of The Girl From Ipanema. Even so, you’d think twice about handing over DJing duties to those behind the likes of Tesco FM.

Tesco is showing it’s down with the (royalist, middle-aged) kids with a new jubilee section on its website pushing music to “create the perfect soundtrack” to your street party.

Certainly the suggestion of Status Quo seems apt, with Her Majesty having shown no inclination to hand over the constitutional reins. Elton John is also in, though Candle in the Wind presumably won’t make the Windsors’ own iPod.

It’s not clear why Tesco has included US favourites like Bruce Springsteen and the Grease soundtrack. But most striking of all is a strange omission - the rousing version of our anthem by national treasures the Sex Pistols.