Exclusive Mary Carmichael Mars is unwrapping a £9m support package to back the March launch of Bounty Calapuno ­ the first extension for the 50 year old brand since Bounty ice cream in 1989. The new product ­ coconut cream in a crispy shell covered with coconut topped milk chocolate ­ follows Mars' successful Celebrations brand move towards boxed chocolates. A 175g box (rsp: £1.79) contains 15 individually wrapped pieces. It is being positioned as both a romantic gift and as something for sharing and is targeted at 25-44 year old women. Trial packs of four chocolates will be free with 275g packs of Celebrations from mid February when national sampling activity at events and instore kicks off. This will be followed by press ads in February and March and a television commercial in early March. It picks up on the fantasy elements of Bounty's tropical paradise' ad image and shows a couple ­ separated by bars ­ being spirited off to a paradise world. "The launch meets demand created by growing trends in home entertainment and self indulgence," said Mars trade relations manager Sam McElligott. The Bounty brand gets general advertising support later in the year in recognition of its 50th birthday. An on pack competition offers a Caribbean cruise prize. {{P&P }}