61 (59) Bakers
Sales: £115m (+0.4%)
Launched: 1992
Even a Mission Impossible-style ad that replaced Tom Cruise with some four-legged friends failed to boost sales of Bakers last year, as shoppers increasingly turned to premium products to treat their pampered pets.

62 (55) Ginsters
Sales: £114.7m (–3.1%)
Launched: 1960
Ginsters is ditching its foodie pretensions and redirecting marketing efforts at its heartland – young lads – in a bid to reverse falling sales. The Cornish pastry giant is investing a record £6.5m in an ad campaign that started last month.

63 (60) Volvic
Sales: £113.2m (–1.1%)
Launched: 1993
Volvic ticked the environmental box in December with its new bottle, which is made partially from sugarcane waste. Value sales of Volvic dropped 1.1%, however, as smaller brands made headway in the market.

64 (64) Fairy laundry
Sales: £111.2m (+5.2%)
Launched: 1957
Fairy teamed up with CBeebies TV series Timmy Time – the adventures of an animated lamb – for an on-pack book promotion last year. And, although brand value is up, static volume sales may have left owner P&G feeling a bit sheepish.

65 (71) Innocent
Sales: £111m (+12.4%)
Launched: 1999
Innocent became the bestselling smoothie brand in Europe in 2010. On the home front, meanwhile, it is back in growth and 2011 is set to be a big year with the recent juice relaunch followed by a new ready meal range this autumn.

66 (63) Fanta
Sales: £111m (+3.4%)
Launched: 1960
After a poor showing in 2009, when value dropped 8.3%, sales of the fourth biggest carbonate are back up. CCE puts the success down to a multimillion pound campaign encouraging consumers to ‘Grab a taste of Friday’.

67 (81) Magnum
Sales: £108m (+18.5%)
Launched: 1987
The launch of Magnum Gold and the addition of liqueur variants to the Magnum Minis range has pushed the brand up 14 places. Magnum invested almost £5m in advertising in 2010, £1.7m ahead of the other major ice cream brands.

68 (65) Richmond sausages
Sales: £107.4m (+3.1%)
Launched: 1926
Sausages have weathered the recession better than many sectors, offering a value alternative to more expensive meat. Richmond, which launched its biggest-ever marketing campaign in 2010, was at the forefront of this trend.

69 (67) Petits Filous
Sales: £107.3m (+3.9%)
Launched: 1986
It was another quiet year on the innovation and advertising front for children’s favourite Petits Filous. Sales have continued to grow, though not enough to prevent the brand from dropping two places in the rankings.

70 (73) Chicago Town
Sales: £107.2m (+10.1%)
Launched: 1992
Chicago Town has shown it has the x-factor – in more ways than one. The frozen pizza brand has climbed three places on the back of 10.1% growth in value, while volume has risen 9.3%.

Its Takeaway sub-brand – pitched against the likes of Pizza Hut and Domino’s – has been making the most noise this year, although the brand also includes the Deep Dish and Edge to Edge ranges.

Owner Dr Oetker invested heavily in marketing activity in 2010, beginning in February with the Free Knorks campaign, which gave consumers the chance to win a hybrid knife and fork. Two months later, it rolled out the first of its limited-edition Takeaway pizzas, the Footie Feast.

This was followed by another limited-edition Takeaway, The X Factor Pizza, targeted at consumers who order a takeaway on Saturday or Sunday evening while watching the show. Film Feast, the latest limited-edition Takeaway, arrived last month offering film-related prizes.

Promotions have also played a role in brand growth, although Dr Oetker claims 43% of Takeaway sales have been at full price, which it says is considerably higher than the category average of 18%.

Britain's 100 Biggest Brands 2011