Andrex: includes moist tissue wipes.

Alpro: includes desserts.

Aunt Bessie’s: includes gravy, potatoes, ready meals, vegetables, trimmings, frozen desserts, dumplings, ambient stuffing and pastry mix.

Birds Eye: includes frozen poultry, veg, fish, ready meals, red meat, bakery and rice products.

Bisto: includes frozen ready meals.

Cadbury: products sold under the Cadbury brand, excluding distinct brands in their own right (ie Dairy Milk, Caramel etc). Includes cakes, biscuits, potted desserts, drinking chocolate and ice cream.

Extra: includes gum, mints and strips.

Euroshopper: for the purposes of this report, Booker’s Euroshopper range has not been defined as a brand, so does not appear.

Fairy: includes all main household & laundry categories.

Heinz Beanz: excludes WeightWatchers.

Heinz Soup: excludes WeightWatchers.

Hovis: includes bread, bread alternatives, bagged snacks, biscuits and morning goods.

Innocent: includes smoothies, juice, juice drinks and coconut water.

John West: includes ambient ready meals.

Kingsmill: includes bread, bread alternatives, bagged snacks, biscuits and morning goods.

Lucozade: includes all still and sparkling variants.

Napolina: includes canned vegetables, oils, pasta and cooking sauces.

Nescafé: includes instant, ground and on demand.

Persil: includes all main household and laundry categories.

Philadelphia: includes Simply Stir.

Pot Noodle: includes Pot Rice, Mini Pot, Posh Noodle and King Pot Noodle.

Princes: includes fish, ready meals, fruit juices and juice drinks; excludes Jucee.

Robinsons: includes Fruit Shoot.

Special K: includes cereals, biscuits, bagged snacks, hot cereals and cereal bars.

Walkers: includes Deep Ridged, Baked Stars, Lights, Baked, Crinkles, Max, Extra Crunchy, Walkers Crisps bags and Market Deli; excludes Sensations.

Warburtons: includes bread, bread alternatives, bagged snacks, biscuits and morning goods.

Weetabix: includes cereals, biscuits and RTDs.

WeightWatchers: includes frozen and chilled ready meals, trimmings, desserts, cakes, biscuits and yoghurts.

Young’s: includes all branded Young’s frozen fish; excludes fresh fish products.

All chocolate brands: measured across the chocolate confectionery, ice cream, RTD, hot chocolate beverages, cake and biscuits categories.

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The data in Britain’s 100 Biggest Grocery Brands is for the period 52 w/e 2 January 2016. Data in Britain’s 100 Biggest Grocery Brands is taken from Nielsen’s Scantrack service. Scantrack monitors weekly sales from a nationwide network of EPoS checkout scanners covering the grocery and convenience markets.

Nielsen’s retail measurement service provides comprehensive information on actual purchases, market shares, distribution, pricing and promotional activities, and is the fastest and most accurate measure of consumer sales. Nielsen’s services are always dynamic and are constantly being improved to reflect the grocery marketplace.

Nielsen Total Coverage now includes EPoS data from Wilkinson, Superdrug and Boots, and excludes any estimation for Aldi and Lidl. Nielsen provides clients with consultation on product innovation, retail and shopper strategies, market structure and segmentation, brand and portfolio management, marketing performance, pricing and promotional strategies, advertising effectiveness and social media intelligence, based upon expertise and data assets.

Nielsen’s retail measurement services provide the fmcg industry with expert information and analysis of consumers, categories and the retail marketplace. For the purposes of this report, a brand is defined as all products within categories that are sold and marketed under a given brand name. The report includes grocery and household categories and does not include tobacco, alcohol, personal care or OTC.


Britain’s Biggest Brands report was compiled by The Nielsen Company exclusively for The Grocer magazine/William Reed Business Media. No reproduction of this list or data within, full or in part, for commercial use is permitted without prior consent of The Nielsen Company.