Britvic is bringing out new juices under its Robinsons and Fruit Shoot umbrellas in a bid to boost the brands' health credentials and avoid the looming ban on advertising to children.

A range of Robinsons Smooth Juice will appear on shelf in June, with a trio of Robinsons Fruit Shoot 100% Juices set for launch the following month.

Both new arrivals are smooth juices with no 'bits' - the overwhelming preference for most kids. The Robinsons Fruit Shoot 100% juice in particular also boasts a range of health-oriented and benefits.

The orange, apple and apple and blackcurrant pure juice variants come in resealable, recyclable bottles with a screw cap. They are ambient and qualify as one of the recommended five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables, all of which make them suitable for vending machines and school canteens, said a company spokesman.

"It's the only drink in its category that ticks all of these boxes."

The pure juice area offers opportunities for growth, he added.

"When you compare the relative sizes of soft drinks categories, pure juice is worth more than £1bn and is second only to cola in size. It's growing rapidly at 4.2% year-on-year and we see this as sustainable growth."

The newcomers are Britvic's latest attempts to sell its major kids' brands in the face of bans on junk food in schools and impending restrictions on advertising HFSS products to children. It has already set up a separate operation - The Really Wild Drinks Company - to produce a range of no added sugar drinks that are free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colourings aimed at school sales.

Despite a reformulation last year, which removed artificial colours and reduced sugar content, the core Fruit Shoot brand doesn't pass muster for educational establishments and may fall foul of Ofcom's advertising restrictions.

Details of the launch plans for the new ranges are set to be unveiled next week.