Aldi Steak Fajita Tortilla Chips

aldi tortilla chips

Who: Aldi

What: Specially Selected Steak Fajita Tortilla Chips

Where: Non-potato snacks

When: Launched June 2015

How much: Rsp: 99p/150g

Why: Everyone wants a bite of tortillas. Sales of Doritos are up 5% this year to £163m [Nielsen 52 w/e 3 October 2015], and Kellogg’s this year became the latest major player in the category to introduce the corn snacks when it rolled out Pringles tortilla chips. Supermarkets also offer a range of own-label torilla chips, and the Aldi product tested here is part of a range that includes a Red Pepper Cheddar flavour.

Consumer verdict: The unusual flavour sounded a note of caution for some of our consumers, but most considered these a tempting proposition thanks to the “stylish” premium-looking packaging and the low price. They went down extremely well when tasted, scoring above average on every measure and generating positive feedback about the flavour, texture and colour of the chips. As a result, purchase intent rose by seven percentage points following tasting. Two thirds of respondents saw these as ideal for chilling out, and 38% said they expected to buy them at least fortnightly.

Pre-trial purchase: 57%

Post-trial purchase: 64%

Better than what’s out there: 58%

New and different: 64%

Overall score: 46/50