Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has threatened to “name and shame” companies who refuse to sign up to new targets on salt reduction.

Last week, Aldi and The Co-op Group became the first retailers to sign up to new targets across nearly 80 food categories. Since then, Asda and Morrisons have followed suit, taking the number of signatories to 23.

However, this is still well short of the 80 signatories to the 2012 targets.

In a letter to The Grocer, CASH said companies had made important progress on salt reduction but more was needed. “We applaud companies that have signed up to recent pledges and call on other members of the food industry to follow suit and sign up,” nutritionist Sonia Combo wrote. “Those companies that refuse to do so will be named and shamed.”

At a sugar summit in London on 8 July, CASH chairman Graham MacGregor claimed the pace of salt reduction had slowed because the government had been too soft on companies.

But Jo Newstead, food network lead of the Deal, said salt reduction remained the “flagship” policy of the Deal.