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Tech startup Better Origin launches AI insect farm to convert waste into feed

It works by converting inputs such as agricultural residues into insect larvae, which can then be fed to livestock

Grocer Price Index

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10 foods affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Here’s how 10 of the most-affected categories are holding up against the crisis

Felippo Berio olive oil

Filippo Berio kicks off massive research project to combat ‘olive leprosy’

The project is to run for three years ‘with any successful ideas set to be introduced as soon as possible’

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Coffee supplies under strain as producing countries face coronavirus disruption

The pressures are particularly acute in South America, from where the UK imports more than half its coffee.

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Coronavirus and adverse weather threaten apple juice supplies

Unwilling to buy from China, importers could turn to Poland, where there are concerns about mild temperatures

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Crude oil sell-offs see prices for palm oil decline

Global oil prices fell below $35 a barrel on Thursday after the US suspended travel from Europe in response to the coronavirus


US-China trade deal faces coronavirus threat

The outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to reduce Chinese demand for soy in the first half of the year


Flurry of promotions push coffee prices down in mults

Global coffee prices fell in February for the second month running, according to the International Coffee Organization


Supermarkets urged to pressure chocolate manufacturers over unsustainable cocoa

 Many retailers have sustainability and traceability commitments on their own-brand products, but are failing to pressure other brands to end their unsustainable practices, according to a Lumina Intelligence report.

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Spanish storms drive rocketing wholesale prices for lettuce

Storm Gloria buffeted coastal areas from Catalonia to Murcia over the weekend of 18-19 January

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Climate emergency nature loss to have devastating impact on global economy: WWF

Nature loss caused by the climate emergency could cost the global economy almost £8tn by 2050


Coronavirus likely to drag wheat prices as Chinese demand falls

The virus is expected to knock more than 1% off China’s GDP

Dairy cow at Coombe Farm Organic Dairy

Bumper vanilla harvests to settle previously sky-high prices

Newly planted vines are now reaching full maturity…

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How could Iran crisis affect food and fuel prices?

Crude oil prices have spiked, and any further escalation is set to have knock-on effects on sugar, ethanol, vegetable oil and more


Food and drink businesses brace for impact of recycling price hikes

Plastic and aluminium saw the largest price jumps in 2019


Carrot shortfall likely as floods hit UK growers

Soggy autumn also hit brussels sprouts, with prices up 29%

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Lamb prices likely to remain high into 2020

The average GB deadweight lamb price rose by 3.5% in one week, from 16 November to 23 November

Coffee beans

Rabobank warns of continuing volatility in commodity prices

Geopolitical risks and price pressures on farmers are cited as contributing factors in Rabobank’s latest outlook

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No sign of high cocoa prices abating despite fall in demand

Year-on-year third quarter grinding volumes in the EU have remained at the same level as last year

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Labour shortages set to hike apple prices

British Apples & Pears warns the total amount of unpicked top fruit “could be much more” than previously thought


Norwegian cod prices rise after fall in Barents Sea catch quota

Average wholesale prices for Norwegian cod stood at NOK22,347 (£1,995.8) per tonne on 1 September 2019 - up 12% on last year