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Wheat prices slump as global market feels turbulence

UK feed wheat futures dipped this week to their lowest level since March 2018

Grocer Price Index


EU sugar market hit by production uncertainty

The current prices are not profitable for domestic sugar beet producers

Carbon dioxide CO2 canisters

CO2 shortage unlikely, but supply vulnerabilities remain

Prices for CO2 are on the rise again as the European heatwave pushes up demand

Beef cow and calf

Flood of cheap beef to hit post-Brexit UK, predicts report

Post-Brexit tariff plans could see beef imports from non-EU countries ‘surge by 1,300%’

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Cereal crops gain UK growing space as oilseed rape struggles

Rape crops struggled to establish themselves in last year’s dry autumn and were then damaged by the cabbage stem flea beetle


UK lamb production bounces back after ‘shocking’ 2018

Average year-on-year deadweight lamb prices peaked at 601.9p/kg in April 2018


EU biofuel ruling hits prices of palm and coconut oil

The EU set out plans to phase out the use of palm oil in biofuels to meet environmental targets

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Trump's trade war drives down price of petrol... for now

Donald Trump’s trade wars are driving down the cost of petrol in the UK


US corn belt storms set to hike maize prices

The Midwestern states that dominate US corn production have been hit by flooding and rainfall, which delayed planting


Early start for strawberry season yields 22% boost

Most of the increase is down to the warm Easter period this year

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Kenyan shortfall set to drive up tea prices

In Kenya, 2019 is likely to see a 12% year-on-year decline in output due to droughts in March


Coffee prices hit by booming Brazilian production

The commodity market has witnessed a steep drop in coffee prices on the Intercontinental Exchange


UK wheat crop recovery set to drive down prices

UK wheat futures have already fallen “quite considerably” from the highs seen last summer


US sweet potato imports to the UK suffer amid shortages

Two hurricanes hit North Carolina – which produces 60% of the US’s sweet potatoes – in the second half of 2018


Wholesale onion prices almost double after 40% harvest drop

Almost half of onion SKUs in the mults are more expensive than they were six months ago

rapeseed field

Rapeseed crop still to recover from 2018 heatwave

Prices are currently at €358.80/Mt for EU rapeseed, which is 5% higher than last year


Spain to benefit from Italy's olive oil woes as prices soar

Italy’s extra virgin olive oil is now far more expensive than Spain’s, with Spain expecting a bumper crop

cocoa pod

How chocolate makers can help put an end to Ivorian deforestation

Progress has been made, but chocolate manufacturers have work to do, says Rob McWilliam, head of Earthworm Foundation


Cocoa prices set to rise despite production boom

Worldwide cocoa production looks set to hit a record 4.85 million tonnes in 2019

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Beef supplies could be disrupted by cold weather and Brexit

Supplies of beef will likely tighten towards the end of 2019

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Crisp aisle hit by price hikes after effects of 2018 heatwave

Branded and own-label crisps prices have been affected by potato shortages