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Source: Earth & Wheat

Founder James Eid said Earth & Wheat will help more suppliers redistribute surplus

Earth & Wheat has announced a brand refresh to shift its focus to becoming a “sustainable premium” delivery service.

The startup, which was founded on the redistribution of ’wonky’ bread in 2021, has announced plans to offer a broader grocery subscription.

It told The Grocer it was moving away from only working with bakeries and farms, and being known as a wonky and surplus bread and veg subscription, to a company that works with “all sustainable food suppliers to help them redistribute their wonky or surplus produce too”.

The brand was set up in 2021 after founder James Eid witnessed the “eye-watering” amount of food thrown away by food manufacturers due to strict shop standards.

“It’s ethically the right thing to buy Earth & Wheat if you care about the planet, cutting waste from the supply chain and helping your community,” said Eid. “It’s more than a product choice – it’s a set of values, a movement, that we’re aiming to continue further.”

The business started rescuing baked goods such as pancakes, pitta breads, crumpets and more from Eid’s own family bakery at Signature Flatbreads in Dunstable before  other bakeries came on board.

Two years on, it plans to launch new food lines. The first will be new fresh produce, although the range will continue to include bread rescued from bakeries and vegetables redistributed from farms.

“We are a force for good, which supports communities, helps to address food waste, sustainability and accessibility, and we’re constantly innovating to do more with less,” said Eid.

As part of the brand refresh it has unveiled a new slogan: “Taste more, waste less”. The brand logo has also been refreshed to have a “greater sense of energy and dynamism” designed to work across digital, including social media and out-of-home advertising.

The website has been reworked to be faster and more user-friendly, to make it easier for existing customers to manage subscriptions.