Goats milk infant formula brand NannyCare has secured its first listing in the big four mults after being picked up by Asda.

A range of products including the brand’s follow-on milk powder, first infant milk powder, and growing up milk powder (rsp: £25/900g) went on sale in 55 Asda stores last week.

The fledgling market for goats milk-based infant and follow-on formula was opened up by new EU legislation introduced in 2014, which for the first time permitted the use of goats milk protein in products targeted at infants.

NannyCare claims its products, which were previously limited to Waitrose and Ocado, are easier to digest than cows milk formula and richer in nutrients.

“With baby milks a growth area in grocery, largely driven by a consumer desire for premium products, parents are more likely to trade up in baby milks, wanting the very best for their child,” said NannyCare MD Claire Magee.

“NannyCare does seem to tick all the boxes. Goats milk formula can simply suit some babies better than cows milk formulas and parents need this important new choice for their babies.”