Hobgoblin Wheel of Misfortune

Hobgoblin is marking Halloween with an online live-streamed gameshow called Wheel of Misfortune.

Four people have been chosen from more than 2,000 applicants to appear in the show, which will be broadcast tomorrow (31 October) from a studio in Bristol at 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and 11pm, and will feature a live audience.

As well as £5,000 cash, the prizes will give a nod to classic gameshows and will include a fondue set and his-and-hers sheepskin coats. Contestants will also be threatened with a ‘gunging’.

“We’ve taken the collective fun factor of a TV gameshow, brought it into the social media age and added a hint of Hobgoblin mischief,” said Hobgoblin marketing manager Chris Keating.

The campaign, by Clarity Comms, follows other social activity by Marstons-owned Wychwood Brewery, which produces Hobgoblin. The recent Wych Brew Are You campaign generated more than 15,000 Facebook interactions.