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Source: Hovis

Two slices of bread will contain at least a third of the RDI of vitamin D and calcium

Hovis has unveiled a new recipe for its Best of Both loaf, now claiming to be rich in vitamin D.

The 134-year-old bakery brand is switching up the Best of Both recipe in a bid to “support consumers on their quest for food with more added nutrients”, it said.

The new-recipe loaf contains “at least a third” of shoppers’ daily recommended vitamin D and calcium intakes, said Hovis, as well as being a source of fibre and protein.

Strong immunity and health “remains at the forefront of shoppers’ minds”, it added. Vitamin D is claimed to help the normal function of immune systems as well as helping to maintain bone and muscle health.

The brand cited British Journal of Family Medicine research which suggested as many as 30% to 40% of the UK population were vitamin D deficient in the winter months.

The NPD will launch into retailers in the new year, replacing the existing Best of Both loaf.

Hovis head of marketing Nina Shanahan said Hovis was “supporting families that seek food with more nutritional value”.

In October, the bakery brand pledged its support for footballer Marcus Rashford, joining his Food Poverty Taskforce. It also partners with FareShare and has this year donated more than 250,000 loaves. 

Last month, it hit headlines having been bought by private equity firm Endless for an undisclosed sum. Hovis said the “significant investment” by Endless would support the existing management team in delivering future plans, and allow it to focus on delivering the next phase of growth.