Burts Chips Jim Beam

Who: Burts Potato Chips

What: Burts Chips Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Potato Chips Original BBQ

Where: Bagged snacks

How much: 79p/40g

Why: Burts last month launched its latest tie-up with an alcohol brand, adding these Jim Beam crisps. Hand cooked in small batches with real bourbon, the snack combines “the authentic ­flavour of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon with sweet, smoky BBQ flavours”. It joins other ‘boozy’ licensed crisps in the Burts portfolio, such as Guinness Rich Chilli and Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak.

Consumer verdict: The bold, white packaging, with strong Jim Beam branding, was considered “eye-catching” by many of our shoppers, with pre-trial interest strongest among bourbon drinkers. While the crisps received the maximum mark for innovation, they still proved divisive. They were best received by younger adults in the north, where praise included “tasty”, “not greasy” and “good quality”. Critics disliked the “expensive” price, “poorer quality” and perceived lack of bourbon flavour.

Pre-trial purchase: 51%

Post-trial purchase: 64%

Better than what’s out there: 68%

New and different: 74%

Overall score: 41/50