Independent cheesemaker Joseph Heler has launched a high-protein cheese under its new Eatlean brand.

Aimed at capitalising on the wellness trend for high-protein snacks, Protein Cheese is said to contain 37g of protein per 100g - almost 50% higher than regular full-fat Cheddar, which typically offers 25g/100g.

The higher protein content is achieved through a combination of a ‘special recipe’ and the way the cheesemakers ‘hand produce’ the 100% natural product, the company said.

The cheese, which launched in Waitrose last week (rsp: £4/350g) and is due to appear in Morrisons in May and Tesco in June, also contains just 3g of fat - 91% lower than regular full-fat Cheddar, which has about 34g/100g, Joseph Heler claims.

It is the first in a number of products that will be rolled out under the Eatlean sub-brand this year and next.

“We have created Eatlean to provide a clear identity and focus to a range of new high-protein, healthy eating options,” MD Mike Heler told The Grocer.

“Key to us was being able to use language already being used by the consumers, giving a clear message to them about the benefits of each product.”