marks and spencer salted caramel tortilla rolls

Source: The Grocer

Who: Marks & Spencer

What: Salted Caramel Tortilla Rolls

Where: Sweet snacks

How much: £1.75/190g

Why: These bagged snacks are part of M&S’s limited-edition Christmas range, complete with “salted caramel seasoning, half-coated in caramel”. Per 100g they contain 504 calories, 25g fat, 61.7g carbs and 14.6g sugar.

Consumer verdict: Forty per cent of shoppers gave the snacks five stars, crediting the “nice crunch” and “great blend of flavours” as well as them being “something different”. Many shoppers dubbed the rolls “moreish”. Only three of our shoppers gave the product a one-star rating, giving criticism such as that they “didn’t think the caramel complemented the tortilla”. Others were unsure about the sweet and savoury hybrid, with one saying that “the sweet and savoury didn’t go well together” and another saying that they were “confusing”.

Pre-trial purchase: 52%

Post-trial purchase: 53%

Better than what’s out there: 71%

Exciting new idea: 79%

Overall score: 42/50