Mary Berry RH AMAR

Who: RH Amar

What: Mary Berry’s Redcurrant & Mint Jelly

Where: Table sauces

How much: £1.50/227g

Why: As shoppers move away from foods typically associated with ketchup and mayonnaise, other table sauces are benefiting. The condiments sub-category, for instance, last year enjoyed a value sales rise of 3.3% to £78m for the sort of sauces that are typically spooned from a small jar [Nielsen 52 w/e 9 September 2017]. Into that market came a trio from Mary Berry’s. Redcurrant & Mint, Horseradish and Hollandaise rolled out in October as the brand’s first table sauces - joining its portfolio of salad dressings and chutneys.

Consumer verdict: The ever-popular Mary Berry’s name sparked a good level of pre-trial interest, with the presentation and design attracting largely positive comments. Testing led to regional division of opinion: Northerners liked the sauce’s versatility and “great combination of flavours”, while people in the south said the combo was “weird”, “expensive” and “too minty”. Overall, however, reception was encouraging, and the sauce outscored the category average of 38.

Pre-trial purchase: 32%

Post-trial purchase: 67%

Better than what’s out there: 65%

New and different: 76%

Overall score: 42/50