Morrisons Farming Apprentice Scheme

Source: Morrisons

A report from The Prince’s Countryside Fund said 3% of UK farmers are under the age of 35

Morrisons has launched a £2m apprenticeship fund to tackle farming’s “recruitment challenge”.

The money will be made available to employers within Morrisons’ supply chain, and would help ensure the industry had enough people in training to meet the UK’s food needs, the supermarket giant said.

Would-be apprentices will be put through a programme of agricultural skills training, mentoring and time in-store to learn how supermarkets work.

“We hope that people from all backgrounds will be attracted to these important jobs,” said Morrisons chief executive, David Potts.

“We are British farming’s single largest customer and so it makes sense to invest our apprenticeship fund so that more new farmers can be trained to provide food for the nation.”