Shloer Celebration - Pink Bubbly

shloer pink bubbly

Who: SHS Drinks

What: Shloer Celebration - Pink Bubbly

Where: Carbonated drinks

How much: £2.99/750ml

Why: SHS Drinks relaunched its Shloer portfolio this year, reformulated to avoid the impending soft drinks levy. All eight variants in the original, Fruit Fusions and Celebration ranges rolled out in May with no added sugar, sweetened instead by extra fruit juice. The drinks were also given a fresh look, with the prosecco-style SKUs in the two-strong Celebration lineup given matte black foil seals. The aesthetic overhaul was to attract younger shoppers to the thriving adult soft drinks market in which Shloer is a leading brand.

Consumer verdict: Pre-trial interest was very high among our shoppers, who admired the soft drink’s “classy” and “sophisticated” bottle. The liquid was equally well received, scoring above the norm on all key measures. Consumers praised it for being “easy to drink” and “very bubbly”, with a “lovely flavour” and “nice mouthfeel”. With its cork top mimicking that of sparkling wine, the non-alcoholic product was seen as being ideal for entertaining or a weekend treat.

Pre-trial purchase: 59%

Post-trial purchase: 67%

Better than what’s out there: 63%

New and different: 72%

Overall score: 45/50