The Grocer is on the hunt for the best new cheeses from the UK and the Continent to feature in our upcoming Dairymen supplement (out 6 September).

We’ll be profiling 10 outstanding new cheeses launched over the past two years in the supplement and on The Grocer website, and we want you to get involved!

What kind of cheeses are we looking for?

We want to put young, delicious cheeses with a great story to tell in the spotlight. Whether it’s from a tiny farm or a large producer, from Cheddar to Camembert, Caerphilly to Comté, the West Country to Wexford, we want to know who created the cheese and from where, how they created it, and why it should sit on The Grocer’s prestigious Dairymen Cheeseboard.

How can I nominate a cheese?

Drop us a brief summary of the history of your cheese and its cheesemakers, what makes it special and why you think we should feature it. Please also include detail of where it’s currently sold and specify precisely when the cheese was first created – remember only new cheeses created over the past two years are eligible!

If you’re just a cheese fan and not the producer of the cheese, please give us as much information as possible about why you’re nominating it.

Please send your responses by 8 August to

If you’re planning to send us samples, please check with Kevin first to ensure someone is in the office to enjoy them!