tropicana 250ml range

Source: PepsiCo

The bottles have been given a ‘modernised, cleaner look’

Tropicana has relaunched its on-the-go juice range in recycled plastic bottles and with a new look.

The new bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic and are recyclable. They have rolled out across 250ml and 350ml bottles of five flavours: Tropicana Original Orange, Tropicana Smooth Orange, Tropicana Orange & Mango, Tropicana Multivitamins and Tropicana Pressed Apple (250ml only).

It forms part of PepsiCo’s commitment to make all of its packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.

As well as the improved eco-credentials, the range has been given a “modern” makeover with a new bottle shape and updated label.

Tropicana marketing manager Caroline Wilding said the modernised bottle design had “really reasonated” with shoppers throughout pre-launch testing, indicating a 49% increase in purchase intent, it claimed.

She added shoppers “want to make a positive difference through their consumption” and were “increasingly seeking out those brands that are leading the way on causes they care about”.