Weetabix Protein Crunch

weetabix protein crunch

Who: Weetabix

What: Protein Crunch

Where: Cereals

When: Launched June 2015

How much: Rsp £2.99 for 450g

Why: Protein is the word on everyone’s lips, and cereals is one of the categories most affected by demand for foods high in the nutrient. Protein Crunch - available in chocolate, as well as the original version tested here - was Weetabix’s first foray into the protein cereal arena, coming after category newcomer Fuel 10K launched its Weetabix-style Protibrick. This month, Weetabix is hitting back further with the launch of Weetabix Protein, a version of its standard ­biscuits with added wheat protein.

Consumer verdict: The unusual tube shape was the only factor to limit the appeal of this cereal, which our consumer panellists were attracted to thanks to the bright packaging, clear on-pack health messages and trusted Weetabix brand. After testing, however, the number saying they definitely expected to buy increased fivefold to 34% due to the well-received taste and texture. The cereal was seen as suitable for children by more than half of panellists, and 43% said they expected to buy the product at least fortnightly.

Pre-trial purchase: 48%

Post-trial purchase: 75%

Better than what’s out there: 69%

New and different: 87%

Overall score: 44/50