Canned goods growth has accelerated in the past year to 4.2% compared with 1.7% in the previous year - but it still falls behind the 5.5% growth in total ambient groceries.

Like last year, value growth is rooted in a higher average price rather than volume growth volume sales have declined 1.6%.

Canned goods are purchased evenly by ABC1 and C2DE shoppers, reflecting the sector’s mass appeal. Canned goods over-index in the North East, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Wales - and strongly under-index in London and the South East.

Lidl still overtrades more than other retailers, but Morrisons, Aldi and Asda also perform well. M&S and Waitrose, unsurprisingly, significantly undertrade in canned goods.

Aldi and Iceland are the fastest-growing retailers, up 28.8% and 28.1%, respectively. Aldi’s growth is in line with its total grocery growth of 26.9%,

Hussein Hussein at Kantar World