Exclusive Mary Carmichael Lever Fabergé is confident that its new Persil Capsules, due for launch in April, will do for liquids what tablets have done for powders, and it's prepared to back the claim with nearly £9m. The capsules offer a convenient pre-measured dose of washing liquid in dissolvable plastic. They are packed in turquoise boxes with rounded sides for stand out on an otherwise conventional shelf. The £8.9m support campaign, which will get underway at the beginning of May, will include TV, press, PR and direct mail. A "substantial proportion" will also go on new and interactive media, as the product's target market ­ 27 -50 year old ABC1s ­ are big internet users. Tablets have added value to a stagnant market since their launch three years ago, and now account for around 25% of the powder market. But they haven't worked with consumers who choose washing liquid. "Although 20% of liquid buyers have tried tablets, 60% returned to liquids," said marketing director Helena Ganczakowski. "They want fragrance, softness and fun too." The launch of Capsules is the latest step in a long term strategy to simplify the laundry market. The programme has so far involved killing off the Radion brand, culling the number SKUs and abandoning the confusion of concentrated detergents vs dilutes for powder and liquid. Non Bio Persil Capsules will be added later in the year. {{P&P }}