You know the scenario. The festive season is far behind, along with a long list of broken resolutions. You are no longer reflecting on the year gone and the year ahead, setting personal targets and career goals. But it’s not too late to give focus to managing your career - so here are my top 10 tips for 2012:

1. Have an interview. This is one sure-fire way to energise you! If you are in a role, remember it’s not being disloyal, it’s a great opportunity to compare what you have with what’s out there. You may find you are in exactly the right place.

2. Get a coach. Think about a career coach. A few sessions with an objective professional will do wonders, highlighting areas of opportunity and opening your mind to what could be.

3. Network and keep networking. Breathe life into your professional relationships. Look to offer help where you can, and keep the balance right by doing more for others than they do for you.

4. Start to really manage your reputation. Think of yourself as a brand. What do you currently communicate about yourself, good and bad? What should you really be communicating? Who is your audience? How can you reach them?

5. Set goals and be fearless. Don’t limit yourself to what you currently do, think about the possible and be fearless in your pursuit.

6. Carry out a quick health check on your career. Think about any gaps in your experiences as well as CPD. Check your compass. Are you broadly following the right path?

7. Focus on your essential leadership skills. Look to create the environment and situations where your teams can flourish and thrive.

8. Find time to think. Avoid spending too much time resolving daily crises. Discipline yourself to allow some time each day to think and plan.

9. Do a great job at work, but do an even better job with your career. Excel in what you are paid to do, but remember you have a career to manage.

10. Do more of what you enjoy. Reconstruct your current role or seek a new one to allow yourself to gain maximum satisfaction from your day.

Even if you only adopt two or three of these tips, I guarantee you are going to be filled with increased energy and motivation. If you employ all 10, look forward to significant upward progression in your career in 2012.